To ALL Professional Athletes:

As a child who was in school in the early 90's, I remember starting each day placing my hand over my heart and reciting a pledge that children today know nothing about.  We were told that doing so was a sign of respect for our country.  Then as I grew up I remember the chill... Continue Reading →

Normalize Bottle Feeding!!

Ladies... let's cut the BS here... when a child is being fed by their parent, that parent is AWESOME!! I understand that women have breasts and biology gave us this, miracle, endless supply of, "liquid gold", to feed our children, but why throw such a stink at the mom's who are bottle feeding? It's not... Continue Reading →

The day I found out my husband had a mistress!

No women likes that wrenching feeling in her stomach when you know something is going on with your man. He's distant, keeping secrets, not looking you in the eye, always tired, messaging the sitter behind your back... Then you see it! That email on his phone....... confirming yet another tee time at his favorite course!... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Afford Sanity!

I've been pounding the keys for months looking into "affordable" childcare! What exactly does the word "affordable" mean? "To be within ones financial means". So here I am, sitting on my couch wishing I could work more days to "afford" for a stranger to watch my darling child. Isn't it supposed to be important for... Continue Reading →

Being Pregnant Do’s & Don’ts

I miss being pregnant! I know how crazy that sounds, but it was the easy part for me. It's when I was able to eat whatever I wanted and not feel like I had to justify how I managed to down the entire package of Double Stuffed Oreos. I had an easy pregnancy. I did... Continue Reading →

My child is my enemy!

Like a lot of women I could tell you how becoming a mother was the happiest day of my life..... But I Won't!!  Yes of course I love my daughter but did anyone want to mention, first, how she would Become My Enemy?!!From the colicky first months, to the frantic cries for her lost binkies,... Continue Reading →

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